Thomas McAndrew

Founding Partner
President and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas McAndrew founded Enchanted Rock in 2006.  Mr. McAndrew brings over 34 years of experience in energy asset management ranging from large, complex nuclear plants to small distributed generation.

Mr. McAndrew’s introduction to energy was in engineering and operations on two US Navy nuclear power surface ships, the USS Eisenhower and USS South Carolina.  He spent six years operating and maintaining nuclear propulsion plants and qualified as a Naval Nuclear Chief Engineer for the Nimitz Class aircraft carrier.  After his time in the US Navy, McAndrew worked as a maintenance support engineer for the Southern Company at their Plant Farley nuclear power station. His grounding in reliability systems came from this time in the nuclear business, where the cost of loss of electricity to critical loads is extremely high. He then shifted to the financial side of energy, helping several energy merchants build highly profitable trade floors.  At his last merchant energy company, Calpine, Mr. McAndrew also supervised the commercial startup of many new natural gas combined cycle power plants.

He founded Enchanted Rock in 2006, focusing on technologies at or close the point of final electric consumption that increase reliability, decrease cost and decrease carbon footprint. Mr. McAndrew received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M, Masters Equivalent in Nuclear Power Operations from the US Navy and Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.