On Demand Electric Reliability

Product Description

  • Enchanted Rock’s (ERock) On Demand Electric Reliability℠ provides customers with highly reliable, ultra-clean, ultra-quiet natural gas backup power systems owned and operated by Enchanted Rock
  • The On Demand Electric Reliability℠ product is offered by Enchanted Rock at a cost to the customers that is a small fraction of the installation cost of a standard reliability system                                                                                                                                                          
  • ERock operates the facility, performs weekly inspections and provides all required OPEX for the term of the Master Service Agreement, at no additional cost to the customer

Ultra-High Availability

  • ERock’s current fleet runs at greater than 98% availability, best in class for backup generation
  • Nuclear Navy/NASA principles applied to backup generation
    • Design – Standardized systems
    • O&M – Regional presence
    • 24/7 Network Operations Center
    • Minimize single points of failure
    • Professionalism/Diligence
  • Grid runs increase reliability by detecting problems before they occur; run often, run loaded
  • Robust 50,000 hour industrial natural gas engine that will only see a fraction of its total life over 15-20 year contract
  • 14 million hours of heavy-duty oil field service

Highly Discounted Price

  • ERock’s Investors, led by Basalt Infrastructure Partners, take the vast majority of the capital risk
  • Capital Cost advantage from smart genset design + effective supply chain management
  • Economies of scale and expertise in O&M and construction regionally
  • Lower life cycle costs than alternative NG gensets due to standardized design and smart control systems

Natural Gas Generators Installed at HEB Store

Natural Gas Generators Installed at HEB Store

Enchanted Rock’s Natural Gas System

  • Robust, highly reliable, ultra-clean natural gas gensets
  • Facility design allows for seamless operation in both grid connected and grid isolated modes
  • 30 seconds to energize the customer’s load bus for a medium voltage system and 10 seconds for a low voltage system
  • No disruption to customer’s operations during ERock grid participation
  • Qualifies for standard air permit in 45 days
  • Genset sound level < 68 dBA at 7 meters
  • Flexible, modular footprint allows for multiple layout configurations
  • The cost to run natural gas gensets are a fraction of the cost to run diesel gensets during grid outages

To find out how Enchanted Rock can help your organization with On Demand Electric Reliability℠ please email Rob Cauthen at info@erockhold.com or call (713) 429-4091.

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