Reliability & Microgrid Sites

October of 2015 marked the close of a 1.5 MW natural gas microgrid deal with Standard Meat Company in Dallas, TX. Since then, ERock has closed 136 MW of natural gas microgrid deals across Texas.

Enchanted Rock is responsible for the design, project management, installation, and commissioning of over 65 MW of diesel electrical reliability systems in the Greater Houston Area, including reliability systems used by the City of Houston, Coastal Water Authority, and various Houston area Municipal Utility Districts. These systems include the Gulf Coast Water Authority Thomas Mackey municipal water plant (2.5 MW) and the Gulf Coast Water Authority industrial water pumping station in Texas City (5 MW). 

With a proven track record of performance during emergency situations and availability and deployment performance metrics in the high 90s, we provide an unprecedented level of distributed generation expertise that cannot be matched by our competitors.

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  • coastal-water-authority-lynchberg-15-0-mw
  • coastal-water-authority-trinity-river-pumping-station-8-mw
  • gulf-coast-water-authority-5-0-2-5-mw
  • houston-east-water-plant-16-0-mw
  • houston-northeast-water-plan-5-0-mw
  • houston-southeast-water-plant-5-0-mw