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Turnkey Distributed Asset EPC

Turnkey distributed asset EPC

Enchanted Rock Electric, LLC (ERE) was formed in February 2013.  ERE is a full service Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company focusing on Turnkey Distributed Electrical Generation and Asset projects.  The ERE core team has over 100 years of cumulative experience in engineering, design, procurement, construction, and program/project management.

Since its inception in early 2013, ERE has safely constructed 17 Distributed Power Generation projects totaling 160 MW on schedule and on budget. Throughout this time, the company has completed over 169,193 incident-free man hours, achieving this milestone as of February 2016.

ERE brings a unique standardized approach to the Distributed Power Generation EPC business which improves quality and lowers cost.  This approach was proven in 2013 with the installation of approximately 160 MW at 17 sites in less than 6 months.  This was made possible by standardized engineering and design, streamlined procurement management system, excellent construction management, and effective logistics and program management across the entire organization.

ERE’s results speak for themselves.  We respond more quickly, more professionally, with higher quality, and deliver better value than anyone in the industry. 

To find out how Enchanted Rock can help your organization with Turnkey Distributed Asset EPC
Please email Clark Thompson info@erockhold.com.

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Distributed Asset Management

Distributed Asset Management

Enchanted Rock Ops, LLC (ERO) was formed in February 2013 to be the first company to focus exclusively on providing full service operations for Distributed Electrical Assets, including distributed generation (DG), load controls and distributed energy storage.  ERO operates an ERCOT (the Texas Grid Operator) Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) which provides scheduling and settlement services for DG and Load.  ERO is staffed with trained operators 7×24, 365 days per year and currently manages 19 facilities in Texas totaling 167.3 MW.

ERO Asset Management services include:

  • Comprehensive Distributed Asset Operations & Maintenance services 
  • Fuel supply management
  • Remote dispatch utilizing proprietary state of the art distributed asset SCADA/deployment system
  • Demand Response & Load Management
  • Remote Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Remote Security Monitoring

All alarm notifications, security, maintenance, fueling, scheduling, and remote dispatch are managed with custom proprietary software hosted in redundant servers in Tier3 Data Centers and a secure internet cloud.  In the event of an impending local natural disaster, NOC operations and personnel are relocated to a storm hardened location with redundant servers, redundant network connectivity, and redundant power and cooling systems for all control and monitoring hardware.

To find out how Enchanted Rock can help you manage your Distributed Assets
Please email Corey Amthor info@erockhold.com.

To read about Enchanted Rock’s competitive advantages visit our History page.

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Electranet Design

Electranet Design

Formed in October 2007, Electranet Services, LLC provides Electranet System:

  • Design
  • Controls and Network build-outs
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization

The Electranet System includes:

  • Conventional and renewable Distributed Generation (DG) that operates at or near the point of electric consumption
  • Onsite Controls for DG, load management and energy storage
  • Aggregation and Deployment Network that provides sophisticated monitoring,  energy grid interface and deployment
Find out how we can help with your Electranet System
Please email Clark Thompson info@erockhold.com