Enchanted Rock history

Enchanted Rock, Ltd. was formed in 2006 to focus on technologies at or close to the point of electric consumption that reduce cost and improve reliability.    In 2010 we became the first in Texas to provide utility grade backup power as a service.  As of November 2017 we are responsible for the design, project management, installation, and commissioning of over 250 MW of customer reliability systems throughout Texas. 

In 2013 we developed 17 grid reliability distributed generation sites totaling approximately 160 MWs. These sites will help prevent rolling blackouts by adding quick response capacity to the ERCOT market. 

By leveraging our years of work on the proprietary design and engineering of distributed generation with superior control systems, Enchanted Rock’s latest accomplishment is the development of a game changing offering for electrical reliability and electricity procurement.  Enchanted Rock’s (ERock) On Demand Electric Reliability℠ provides customers with highly reliable, ultra-clean, ultra-quiet natural gas backup power for a small fraction of the cost of a standard reliability system.

Our continued design, construction and commissioning activity in the reliability service space maintains vendor/contractor relationships and provides us with an unparalleled network for these types of projects which ultimately translates into a less expensive and more reliable system for our customers.