ERock Installed Natural Gas Generators at HEB Store

Natural Gas Generators Installed at HEB Store

Enchanted Rock is proud to announce the installation of our first On Demand Electric Reliability natural gas gensets at HEB Store #292 in Bay City. We are very proud to provide this premium service to HEB and will continue to install our electric reliability services at HEB stores across the greater Houston area throughout 2017.

The photos below demonstrate the flexibility of ERock’s design concept, utilizing modular and high power density generators to install capacity in spaces too small for traditional generators.

  • heb-generators-installation-img_3280-crop
  • heb-generators-installation-img_3229
  • heb-generators-installation-img_3258
  • heb-natural-gas-generators-img_0060
  • heb-natural-gas-generators-img_0061
  • HEB natural gas backup generators
  • HEB natural gas backup generators